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The Six Points

It's all about the six points. 

At SixPoint Financial, we live up to our name by bringing a mulitifaceted, comprehensive approach to personal finance. We provide many services at SixPoint Financial Partners. But all of them fall under one of the six essential points of comprehensive financial planning.

The Six Points of Our Comprehensive Financial Planning Includes

Investment Management

Custom Goal Planning

Retirement Income Planning

Tax Planning

Estate Planning

Insurance Planning

We actively work in your best interest and provide transparent advice that you can trust. 

We Will:

Always put our clients' best interests first

Act with the skill, care, diligence and good judgement of a professional

Not mislead clients and provide full and fair disclosure of all important facts

Attempt to avoid conflict of interest

Fully disclose and fairly manage any unavoidable conflicts

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Our Clients

Individuals and Families

We offer integrated strategies for individuals and families regardless of where they are on their financial journey. Through our holistic approach to planning, our goal is to help you and your family become financially confident so you can focus on enjoying your life.

Rochester Regional Healthcare Employees

You’re probably wondering how recent changes in the hospital structure, interest rates, and tax laws will affect your pension plan. We can help you determine the impact of the changes on your pension and discuss your options including keeping your retirement money with the current hospital system or rolling it over to an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). Working together, we’ll make a plan to put you in control of your retirement savings and help protect your wealth and your future. 
In addition to RRH employees, we work with private practice professionals, doctors, and nurses and are familiar with healthcare-specific retirement and savings plans. 


Whether you’re five years out or retirement is just around the corner, we’ll work together to develop a retirement income plan to prepare you for your future financial independence. We are experienced with all types of retirement plans and savings accounts and can help you understand your rollover options, or understand your New Your State Pension plan options. 


Public School Employees

We have helped public school employees in the Rochester area establish confidence in their budget creation, pension plan maximization strategies, and legacy planning for the next generation. We will work with you to navigate your specific employer benefits, address your biggest financial questions, and discuss personalized saving strategies to supplement your future income needs.