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Guiding Your Financial Journey Through Our Own Core Values

Our direction is clear: help you identify your financial goals and develop the plan needed to get you there.

We believe in providing professional service with honesty and integrity through constant learning and improvement. Adhering to these core values enables us to deliver clarity and address your personal economy through tailored, appropriate solutions.

1. Are We A Good Fit?

During this exploratory meeting, we’ll explain our approach to personal finance and discuss your financial goals. We’ll also gather information about your current retirement savings plan, tax management strategies, and explore other financial topics. 

2. Getting Organized

At the next meeting, we'll conduct an in-depth evaluation of your current finances while determining your long- and short-term needs. This gives us the information we need to move forward in developing your customized savings plan.

3. Behind The Scenes Expertise

Our team will then review this information in order to answer pressing financial questions including:

  • How much money do you need to reach your goals?
  • How will you meet your savings goals?
  • Can we improve your current strategy or portfolio?
  • How do we reduce risk in your financial plan?
  • What can we plan to transfer wealth in the most tax-efficient way possible?

4. Idea Meeting

We'll come together to review our findings and provide simple, action-oriented recommendations. We can also discuss what the next steps are and answer any questions you may have about your financial plan. We're happy to get started right away, or you can take some time to think about it.

5. Think About It

If you need time to think about working with us, we’ll wait to hear from you.

6. Action Meeting

When you’re ready to put your personalized plan into place, we’ll get started on the next steps.

Communications are critical. 

We’re not just talking about sending a monthly statement or an occasional email to see if our clients have any questions. Truth is, our clients manage their money every day — not quarterly or semi-annually. It makes sense to be in regular contact with their financial partners to ensure they’re on track. But we don’t stop at just updating. We offer videos and podcasts covering pressing financial topics. We reach out and remind our clients of the two or three steps they need to take right now to advance their plan. And, of course, we’re always available when they need us. That’s just a given. 

We keep it simple. 

People don’t like doing things that are complicated. If we make planning and money management complicated, chances are our clients won’t stick with it. So, we create plans that are easy to understand and easy to follow. We do the homework and legwork, so our clients don’t have to. And, again, we provide information and updates in the format and manner our clients want — so it’s simple for them.